Do you want me to teach you on a very personal level? I will do masterclasses prepared for you, based on what you want to know. Want to do this on a saturday or a sunday, no problem that is possible as well. I can give these masterclasses in English or in Dutch.

Of course I also have some standard packages available.

Photography basics:
Did you just got a digital camera and would you like to know more about how to work with your camera. What do terms like ISO, Depth of field, shutterspeed etc. mean? How do you work with perspective and what are do’s and don’ts? Do you shoot raw or jpg?

Concertphotography in theory:
What to do with low light situations? What to do when a stroboscope is used? What exactly is photopit etiquette? How do you stay friendly with the audience and make it work in your advance?

Photoshop CS Basic:
How to convert from RAW to JPG. How to work with layers how do you use the clone stamp?

Prices for these are depending on the location, the amount of people that you want to book the course for and such. I make these masterclasses fit to your needs, so feel free to send me a request via:

info (at)