About me

Welcome to my website.

I am Sabine van Gameren and my heart is splitted up for photography and music. I have been living in Finland for half a year, which was a wonderful experience!

Next to photography I started my own webzine called Tempelores Magazine and this has become quite a success through the years of working hard. I am blessed with an amazing and inspiring team there and in 2011 we held our exhibition on Trashfest in Helsinki, Finland. What a wonderful experience it was, so many people on that festival that came to talk to us, tell us their favorites and bought some prints…

Currently I am also digging into the world of filming, having some quite basic things done with just some basic equipments and software. The response on these were quite nice, showing me I am on the right way and so this will expand in the future. Once thing for sure, I will never stop photographing, a passion like this, you just can’t throw away.