Farewell To Freeway – Filthy Habits

Releasedate: 18-01-2011; Label: Victory Records
By: Nina Mende

Farewell to Freeway are on a mission to get their music heard. Having toured all of Canada over a dozen times and numerous tours in the U.S, their continuing to be heard south of the border. Since releasing their EP “In These Wounds” in April, 2006, being on the road is what this band knows and they will continue to reach every part of the globe with their hard hitting Live show and their own brand of Melodic, Hard Rock. With their video “In these Wounds” in rotation on Much Loud, being featured in AP Magazine as one of the “Top Unsigned band’s of the month” in the May 07 issue, and teaming up with the growing UO Booking agency in Canada, the band garnered the attention of Chicago, IL based Victory Records.
After a short break Farewell To Freeway have returned with what promises to be their heaviest, most intricate and musically focused record to date with “Filthy Habits”. Continuing to blend strong melody into their blistering guitar work, they have taken their music to a new level of maturity with monstrous riffs and powerful vocals that will be impossible not to notice. Somewhere between metal and punk rock with shouted vocals of two vocalists the twelve tracks come blasting right at you. Strong guitar riffs lead you the way through the album. Somehow “Filthy Habits” reminds of Enter Shikari only without the electro elements. A fresh new album by Farewell To Freeway gives you new energy and strength for 2011. Loud and kick ass music simply get you. The only song that seems a little calmer is “Inside Influences”. Enjoy the new release “Filthy Habits” by Farewell To Freeway.
Michael Farina – Drums
Adam Lambert – Vocals
Drew Harwood – Guitar
Chris Lambert – Guitar, Vocals

01.Liquor? I Don’t Even Know ‘Er
02.Afterlife Lottery
04.Inside Influence
05.Top Gun
06.Bones and Tissue
07.Dharma’s A Bitch
09.Token Ain’t Weezy
10.Spare Parts
11.Rico’s Roughnecks
12.Blood Boils Quicker Than Water

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