Covenant – Modern Ruin

Releasedate: 14-01-2011; Label: Synthetic Symphony
By: Nina Mende

Covenant is a band from Sweden whose music comprises a mixture between electro pop and electronic dance music. They have been releasing their music since the early 1990s. With more than twelve albums, several EPs and even a DVD they have been very busy in their 20 years of band history. Now they have just released a new CD.

Their new album “Modern Ruin” includes eleven new songs including “Lightbringer” which was previously released on an EP. As we know it from Covenant the music is awesomely mellow yet very suitable for the clubs. With a great voice Covenant leads through all eleven songs on “Modern Ruin”. Most songs definitely get you swaying along with its catchy tunes. Touchy music wrapped up in wonderful melodies make “Modern Ruin” pass by so fast. But despite this you still feel recovered in a way because Covenant and their brand new album “Modern Ruin” seem to be taking all the sorrow away from you. This is a wonderful side effect the new album brings. Several songs have the potential to get stuck in your head. Most songs are also very suitable for the clubs and parties. So enjoy Covenant’s new album “Modern Ruin”.

01. Modern Ruin
02. Lightbringer
03. Judge of My Domain
04. Dynamo Clock
05. Kairos
06. The Beauty and the Grace
07. Get On
08. Worlds Collide
09. In the Night
10. Beat the Noise
11. The Road

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