Killface – Faceless

Releasedate: 03-01-2010;
By: Sabine van Gameren

The Irish quintet Killface makes Death/Trash since 2008 and come with their very first EP to be released in the very few days of 2011. “Faceless” is out now.

“Faceless” is maybe not that strict description of the band’s music. Even though there are plenty of recognizable elements to be found in this release, with the bands vocalist named Brady, they got themselves that mask that shows them a bit of an own face after all.
It has a bit of a mixture between the old school and modern approach. There are groovy parts that lift up their sound in time towards modern ages, but perhaps it is to say they found themselves confidential with the old school as a basis. On the vocals there is the before-mentioned Brady, who seems quite flexible in what he can contribute to a song. Sometimes it leaves a bit up to question if he perhaps would excel above himself when more focused on one style, but in the end the outcome on this disc is quite well. Furthermore the band found some strong moments within the guitars, but they could have been extended, there are only a small part form what they could be done, and they leave up a little opportunity for a next release here. On the drums, there is not enough excitement either, but overall the band have made a release that wakens the interest for a full length release. Killface, bring it on.
Line Up:
Brady (Derek Brady) – Vocals
Zammo – Lead Guitar
Jono – Rhythm Guitar
Dee (Diarmuid Treacy) – Bass
Drummo (Owen Drummond) – Drums

01. Dysfunctional
02. Miserable
03. Years Of Gore
04. Hacked To Death

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