Obszön Geschöpf – Symphony of Decay

Releasedate: 2010; Label: Twilight Vertrieb
By: Sabine van Gameren

Obszön Geschöpf is a French band. They make Industrial Metal and “Symphoney of Decay” is the band’s fifth album.

The band has been around for quite some years, started around 1996 and knows a decent dose of aggression. The band makes a statement with that fact already on the cover of its release, surely not one you’ll find in front of the shelf in your local record store.
Yet the industrial side has not gone out of their blood, there are danceable parts in there. What is a pity that in some songs the tempo gets back, leaving the evil for the atmosphere where yet some extra aggression would have taken more serious.
This band is one that will find their fan base in a very small area. Most metal fans probably don’t find this aggressive enough, industrial fans might not easily accept this album easily as well. Hard to send the band into one direction as they seem to be searching for something new, a few experiments point to that and this makes it a bit of chaotic album sometimes. As they want to get more in the metal side, the guitars will have to become a bit more elaborated, the drums must make some more impact. “Symphony of Decay” is an album that seem to stand in between the old work from them and something new that has to be found in the future. Probably the bridge that won’t get its respect before the next one is there.

01.The Boogeyman
02.Night Stalker
03.Carnage in the Streets of L.A.
05.Secret Graveyard in the Garden
06.House of Wüstefeld
07.The Cauldron of the Human Flesh
08.Overkill 666
09.33 Knife Thrust for a Satanic Crime
10.My Mother Is a Whore
11.The Devil Inside
12.How to Become a Killer With a Granny Dress
13.Bloody Icescream
14.Symphony of Decay
15.The Boogeyman (Remix by Skrew)
16.Carnage in the Streets of L.A. (Remix by Richard Thomas of Mushroomhead / Ventana)

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