Up into the Heavens Down into the Circles of Hell

Summer is officially over, an era to leave behind? Well, in any way that sounds a bit overdramatic, but I do agree with the statement nevertheless. The summer was full of festivals, work, fun traveling, meeting friends and all exciting things and now we are back to dreary days, rain pooring down, wind blowing through your hair. The leaves have not yet start falling but the first chestnut already landed on our lawn. The symbolism of that is utterly dark. But I never feared darkness and darkness is something to embrace just as well as with darkness comes mystery and the unknown. And don’t we like the unknown? Well at least I do. To let yourself be taken with what is not yet to plan. And that sight ahead is not something to fear but to be seen as an opportunity for excitement.

What is ahead? I will be working at Findustry festival, always a pleasure. I have a trip to Zagreb coming up and so I look forward to some wandering and exploring. Many things to see and that is something I love. But first, last weekend. I went to my beloved Rotterdam where I had to opportunity to photograph the city from some height. How lovely!!

Some to share with you:
Rotterdam, Noordereiland


Rotterdam, de Kuip