Claim What Is Yours

My most dedicated readers already know that in summer I rarely have time to write a proper update on my blog. Too many festivals, too many events and this year we took that to the very next level. Besides that, I planned to give a radical change to Tempelores, from the inside and outside which makes live easier for all of us I hope. Anyway, an ambitious project that I am really happy about.

Furthermore, some progress on other projects as well. I have been interviewed by an art magazine. I think it will be in the November edition and I am looking forward to it. It will feature a whole lot of my photo’s and therefore I am curious to see how that turned out.

Some new projects are in the making as well. So sure you will see some new stuff also.

And what did I do to relax? well took a walk over the military airport recently, what a joy. It just re-opened and no one seem to know about it so I had a lot of quiet time there. Lovely!
Military airport