200 Souls

Summertime, busy time! Loads of festivals this year, more than ever I think. Always a pleasure to be around and about. The family feeling of having friends from all over the world together on such a small place also known as photopit as well as those who are to be seen while watching the bands. The memories are brought up, remembered, honoured and made. That’s a thing you can always be sure of.

Where to start? Buma rocks? A Dutch Metal meeting so to say. More a conference though. Then it was Dokk’em Open Air where one can really do what feels best. Artistic freedom is never limited here and I really appreciate that. An interesting line up every year makes it worth traveling for! Tuska… well Tuska is in my heart! So international, so Finnish. I had a great time with everyone and teaming up with Aoife is always a pleasure! We simply rock it together like a championsteam!
Castlerock was a bit different. Superhot, and Im never good with heat. Yet I managed to not let it get onto my photography and took some nice photo’s here. Last weekend I went to see Elvira and we went to Big Rivers festival in town. So im four weekends with festival in a row and 2 more will be added. I am suppose to have then one weekend without any before we quit with a bang in the north! It feels almost insane and I will surely re-consider next year to do less of them, but I know that is just idle talking anyway.

Living the life… here some random photo’s:




Baldrs Draumar



My Dying Bride


Ne Obliviscaris



Alice Cooper

At The Hollow

The Sirens



Vlad in Tears

Joachim Witt