Prosperity Denied – Go For Progress

Releasedate: 29-10-2010; Label: Noisehead Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Prosperity Denied is a band from Austria. They formed in 2006 and play Hardcore/Thrash Metal. Recently, they released their second full length album called: “Go For Progress”.

The album of these Austrian guys comes in quite chaotic. Here and there they tend to take the extremes in the Hardcore side, but then again the band may send you in a total different direction on the next song. Still searching for their own sound, seems to be. The band does give you some elements that make you realize that eventually they will find their way. Guitars are strong, riffs that maybe not always well placed, but yet bring in enough authentic to say that the guys will have to go on with experimenting until the puzzle is solved and we get a decent picture out of it. Yet another element that makes the album climb up is the fact that the passion is there very well. Although the lyrics are not the most clear ones, a look at their song titles shows that the band takes it up the humoristic side.
After all, this band seems more of a live band than one you prefer on cd. That is where their chaos belongs: on stage and in front of it.
Line Up:
Tom0.2 – bass, vocals
Matthias – guitar
Ravager – drums

01.Cumshot Of Reality
03.Wasabi Overdose
05.Homo Aparatus
06.731 Guinea Pigs
07.Go For Progress
09.Tanks & Flowers
10.She Came From The Sewers
11.Dawgs Of War
12.Ich Werd’ Zum Kinsky
13.Concrete Tsunami
14.The Space Jockey

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