Racing With Destiny

I love it when people challenge me, inspire me, take me over the edge to things I had my doubts of at first. By now it is nothing but a public secret that I got liberated from a terrible situation a couple of years ago. A situation I had my eyes closed for, because I gave myself up for trying to be there for someone. A black day in history of Sabine but as well one that marked a new beginning. So I have hoped for. But the past doesn’t always let go, which was a unpleasant lesson to learn.

So I had my doubts about going to Berlin, but out of the good, amazing things of last year I may have gained a little more understanding for the word ‘destiny’. And that I am not to let others restrain me. So I started to adapt that I must trust more on the initial idea of ‘destiny’ and not think about the but. A bit more like the reckless Sabine from the (pre-)teen years. For I always thought I was meant to be the one that simply does these random things. And perhaps I am, I never gave up doing them after all. So then, somewhat last minute I could not live with myself being stopped by something stupid as a ‘but’. (oh and for the jokers… no double T there!!!)

Being out there was a good idea. A trip to go back to myself and learn a thing or two. To leave darkness behind and to find some more of Dark.
The moment I smiled thinking of my previous Berlin trip some years ago and how the fun things jumped back in mind mainly and how easy it was to wipe out the evil of my memories. For everything you erase, leaves a blank space. A space that can be filled with something new. Something more beautiful to remember. And I am convinced that worked well.

I did not take a whole lot of photo’s. The past two weeks I had a corporate assignment so nothing to show of that. But maybe I will show this tree then. I only wanted the photo for the color. The pink that just grows old. Just before the flowers are about to fade. I made the photo for a photoshop project purpose so basically a simple snapshot. It has so much beauty and yet the sad side because you know the pretty part is soon to be over. But as any tree is there, there will be a new year for this tree where he will shine again.


Then, next week I perhaps have something more to show. I will be present at the SPOT festival in Aarhus. A whole lot of networking and my secret mission TTML is up to go. More about that later!