The Search – Heart's Racing

Label: Aenaos Records
Releasedate: 2020

The Search is a one man formation from Sweden that makes indie rock music. Earlier this year “ Some Place Far Away” came out and now the band is bringing us “Heart’s Racing”. It is available now.

This release is one that is not cutting you short on the minutes. 18 tracks are to be found on it and it will keep you listening for quite a bit. Catchy songs are there, the album listens easily, fancy refrains and lyrics that you hum along faster than you realize.
The songs have a bit of that 80’s vibe over it. The Smiths, The Cure… and those kind of names are often recognizable in the music. Songs like “Saturday Night” or “Tongue Tied” are leaning a bit more towards the pop side whereas for example “Tracker of Kicks” is more Indie Rock.

But, must be said. The Search ties it together quite well. Maybe too well, cause if you don’t pay particular attention to the tracklist they are sometimes a bit interchangeable.

Perhaps a minor remark. With 18 tracks places you can surely spend some 75 minutes listening to an album that listens easily and has the potential to be interesting as simple background music as well as for people that like to listen to their songs a bit deeper as there is enough to be said lyrically. A fine release for The Search, which had a productive year as it seems. Let’s see what that brings next.


1. Saturday Night
2. Under The Radar
3. When The Stars Align
4. Don’t Let Yourself Down
5. Winter
6. Tracker Of Kicks
7. Tongue-tied
8. Ghosts
9. Lost
10. The Driving Rain
11. Haunted By A Feeling Of Invisibility
12. In My Restless Dreams
13. Vacant
14. Replacement
15. A Staircase To Nowhere
16. Specimen
17. It’s The Heat Of The Night
18. Tell Me I’m Not Alone