Rammstein – Herzeleid (25th Anniversary)

Label: Universal
Release date: 04.12.2020

I believe, Rammstein is a band that does not need an introduction anymore. These guys have been going strong since 1994, and by now, they don’t only have a strong fanbase all over the world, but they also became legendary for their music, their lyrics, their music videos and their live shows. Now, twenty-five years after they first released their breakthrough album “Herzeleid”, the band decided to remaster and re-release this album. So here is the remastered 25th anniversary version of “Herzeleid”.

Like the original, this album comes with eleven songs. But this release has some special versions that come with bonus packages that every fan will enjoy and cherish. The album includes hits like “Asche zu Asche”, “Seemann” and “Du Riechst so Gut”. All these songs are timeless and are songs everyone can sing along to. Whether you like the songs or not. But who doesn’t like Rammstein, right? 

Let’s dwell in good old memories with this release. The 25th anniversary edition of “Herzeleid” will revive the past and makes you want to go to a Rammstein show again. So until that is possible again, enjoy this album and the new HD sound of twenty-five year old songs. Turn up the volume and hit that replay button as long as you must. 

Rammstein - Herzeleid (25th Anniversary)
Rammstein – Herzeleid (25th Anniversary)

01. Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen
02. Der Meister
03. Weisses Fleisch
04. Asche zu Asche
05. Seemann
06. Du riechst so gut
07. Das alte Leid
08. Heirate mich
09. Herzeleid
10. Laichzeit
11. Rammstein