[YT] Circle of Dawn – Savonian Supremacy

Label: Heretic Camp
Releasedate: 2020

Youtuber Rauta has been listening to the Circle of Dawn album “Savonian Supremacy”. The Black Metal formation has released a brand new album which is available now. Earlier releases from this band are “Northern Savonian Black Metal” which got out in 2017 as well as a demo and split with Kuilu, John the Baptist and Unclean. The band does not have a large online presence so with the following video it may be growing a bit.

Line up:

Heinrich Von Heretik – Bass, Vocals
K – Keyboards, Percussions
Olaf III – Guitars

Circle of Dawn

track list

  1. Yksin aikaa vastaan, yksin-maailmaa vastaan
  2. Ähläms
  3. Herää, Suomen kansa!
  4. Hyperborea
  5. Haunebu Division Savonia
  6. Ariosophy Meditation


Circle of Dawn at Discogs

Random facts

We saw some Savo metal before, remember Verjnuarmu when they played at the Findustry event for example? Did you know Savo is a region in Finland which is located around the cities of Kuopio and Mikkeli. In the region a dialect called Savo is spoken and Verjnuarmu is one using it in their music. The dialect is significantly different than the more general spoken Finnish language. How many people still actively speak the dialect on a daily basis is yet unknown to us. If you have this knowledge, feel free to inform us.