Song For No One (but myself)

Easter weekend arrived and I have some eventful days behind me yet again. Three months have passed and I reflect back on my New Years resolutions. Im glad with how things are going and with the first quarter gone I am aware that the points I like to work on are ones that have always been in my life already. I need to put my own interests a bit more forward. To celebrate me, to stimulate me and to set myself free. But it is something that you can not really let go so much.
Last weekend I went to Professional Imaging and I found myself going by the stands not only about my own interests, but doing research for others. And maybe it sounds silly but I always do this. Maybe it is the fact that I love advising people, teaching people and learning others find new interests but I should have spend more time on myself there. (oh yes, I was typing another maybe behind but then realized: NO, not maybe. just end the sentence right there.)
So this first week of April was a bit more Sabine-time. Until friday, because I went to photograph at the season opening of a car meeting. I always get loads of great feedback from people there, though perhaps it was a bit strangely put online by some of the people. Which made me think like: Screw you! No more public freebees for them.

The yesterday I went to Satyricon in Nijmegen. Always a blast to see these Norwegians. Singer told me he remembered me calling him a hypocrite pussy at Tuska last year and he had thought I wouldn’t like them any longer. (No, it wasnt meant mean.. that’s more a you call people pussy, I call you pussy) So the surprise and joy when our eyes (and lens) caught eachother was hilarious. A great photo that I probably won’t post because it is much of a private thing between us then. (Im learning… ME, me, me!)
Had a great time with others I know also and so that Sabine-day was a nice one.
Now spending the easter with family… food… and relaxing. Yes a good one. And listening Alphaville. To stay in theme I have “Song For No One” on repeat and it makes me adapt a happy mood.

I hope to be able to do some roadtripping now that the weather is so great. Care to join, hit me up with plans and dates.

Here some of the recent random photo’s:

Soest car meet - Toyota Supra

Soest car meet - Morgan Aero 8

Soest car meet