Pulse – Adjusting The Space

Label: NRT-Records
Release date: 06-11-2020

The Austrian band Pulse released their second album Adjusting The Space this November via NRT-Records.

Describing this album, I’d like to start with the last track. Major Tom, originally written by Peter Schilling, brought us back to 1980s where futuristic ideas of space traveling were on top of discussions. Since there, the music has changed from light synthesizer’s chords to heavy beats of 2000s era drum machine. The band called this sound “cyber metal” and we will try to explain its characteristics. In general, all the tracks are electric and dark. The most powerful songs Adjusting the Space and Star Light are both danceable as well. The melody is randomly changeable during tracks and mixed by sirens and other signals. The best example of this thesis is Points of Nibiru, which is not as dynamic as mystic one and loaded with heavy drum beating. The stand-alone Encounter is the only instrumental and peaceful song. That’s like a gulp of fresh air because lyrics of other tracks are all about space invading.

Moreover, record’s concept build partly on alien conspiracy. Two evidences. Firstly, the opener mentioned the UFO’s incident at Roswell in 1947. Secondly, according to conspiracy theorists, the Black Knight satellite is an alien spacecraft orbiting Earth. Track titled Black Knight is not as circled as satellite on orbit, and its sound reminds us of classic electro.

If you know something about cyber scene and Sci-Fi at all, you’d like Adjusting The Space. And remember: “The truth is out there”.

Line up:

Vidar – Bass
Inferus – Guitars
Nemesis – Lead Vocals & Guitars / Programming
Pulsar – Drums


01. X 31′ 26’43 Ny 109′ 430″W
02. We Won’t Come in Peace
03. Supersonic Trance Sphere
04. New Elastic Freak
05. Sounds and Signals
06. Adjusting the Space
07. Encounter
08. Star Light
09. Black Knight
10. Points of Nibiru
11. The Passage Entry
12. Major Tom
13. Alienangel (Zardonic Remix)