After The Fall – Welcome To The New S.A.

Label: RFL Records
Release date: 06.11.2020

After The Fall is an American hard rock band which was formed in 2003. Their full-length album My confession was released in 2014 and warmly welcomed by audience and critics. The latest EP Welcome To The New S.A. has been released this year.

At the first glance, the record could be positively accepted. Alternative rock of millenniums changing: Grunge and social-oriented connotations of 1990’s doubled hoarse vocals and solid vibes of 2000’s.

This record is about the unspoken truth. The person on the record’s cover swears an oath with crossed fingers behind his back. The only meaning is, that’s a liar. The naming of songs like Shut The World Out (check out the lyric video) or New S.A. brings anxiety and tension both to lyrics and melody. Therefore, it’s no revolutionary declaration, just a fact that world is a bit pissed off (yes, it’s 2020). The unexpected bluesy track Devil Be Dammin Me Blues makes the rock n’roll speak. The last mentioned track The Fight is powerful, itchy and memorable.

The role of rock scene is in shaping narratives by words and notes especially. Welcome To The New S.A. is a good example of when lyrics and melody are the perfect match. And, please, take care of yourself and the world for sure.

Line up:

Doug Carnahan – Vocals & Guitars
Matt Ferrante – Drums & Backing Vocals
Steve Craven – Bass & Backing Vocals
Zac Shepard – Guitars

01. Shut The World Out
02. New S.A.
03. Devil Be Dammin Me Blues
04. Suicide March
05. Hanging
06. The Fight