5x New – week 51

ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF writes: “’Dolore di Orsini’ is a song about profound sadness and finding freedom in grief. It’s inspired by the idea that Pier Orsini, a wealthy patron of arts, created the garden Sacro Bosco as a way to cope with grief and loss after losing his wife, Giulia Farnese. I look at the park as a symbol for love where love is an incitement for chaos and harmony. The video depicts Mr. Orsini burying his wife, the passing of time in nature, and sculptures taking shape and being set up by the help of a spirit. A movement forwards whilst looking backwards.”
“Dolore di Orsini” was directed by Ludvig Holtenäs and Gustaf Holtenäs, with animation effects by Mathias Söderberg.  The track appears on the latest album All Thoughts Fly, out now on Southern Lord.  
Enjoy the fourth chapter, featuring guest appearances from Apollo Papathanasio (We Sell The Dead, ex-Firewind), Jürgen Wulfes (Thomsen, Cholane, ex-Moon’Doc), Kelly Thans (Vocal Life Of A Kelly), Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua), YGC (The Losts), Ginny Claes (TheGuardian), Jeff Metal (Devil’s Desire), Freddy Richard (Heavylized, Fool’s Paradise) and Hannelore van Gorp!
Two weeks ago, the black metal band from Norway, KEISER, released their critically-acclaimed new album “Our Wretched Demise” via Non Serviam Records. But the news is not over and today the band reveal the new music video for “Far From Human”.
After four years of silence, a new CRAVING video is finally released today in the form of ‘Penelope’s Prayer’, which on the one hand showcases the band’s musical core and on the other hand concludes the planned light and shadow interplay that has already surrounded the previous clips.
The northern Germans explain the particularly currently relevant background of the song as follows:
“The ‘Odyssey’ by Homer superficially describes the journey of Odysseus back to Ithaca and his rebellion against Poseidon. Our song, on the other hand, stands rather for the inseparability and fidelity between the protagonist and his wife Penelope. She never gives up hope, which ultimately pays off. This work is our personal appeal to loyalty and hope – no matter how dark the current situation may be.”
Tribulation commented: “The Hour Of The Wolf is upon us! Feast your eyes on this, the second single off our upcoming album…”
“Where the Gloom Becomes Sound” isn’t representative of monumental change, but rather the accrual of ambition over time in conjunction with continued exposure to and profound experiments with crossroads devilry. Being their most expressive and inventive album to-date, where it will take them is only to greatness and with reverence.