5x New – week 50

“Arbeit” is the brand new video from FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY. It is taken from the album “Wake Up The Coma”, released in 2018 via Metropolis Records. The band’s upcoming album “Mechanical Soul” will be released early next year.
Former Eluveitie violinist Meri Tadic has released a video for her brand new solo single Juxta-Pose. The song is taken from her upcoming EP Feverish which she will release digitally on January 15.
German singer/songwriter MORITZ JAHN, who is also known from the Netflix show DARK, has released a brand new video called “Rascals”, taken from the recently released EP with the same name.
We are a new band from Finland called Bastard Town. 
We offer a never-before kind of music alignment combining alternative folk, -rock and ambient genres together creating a soundscape which reflects the dark and twistedly hopeful theatrical landscape of our souls. 
Our band members are familiar faces to Finnish music scene from other bands (Iiwanajulma, Nicole, KILT., Haraamo). We are releasing our debut album 15th December 2020 through our own label Piirivuoren Polkka.
Lights of July’ carries a subtle combination between the darkness and mysterious forest in harmony with the light that strikes in between the treetops, where the two hypnotizing voices captivate the listener into the woods. Martin Rubashov tells about the single and the collaboration with Jonas Renkse (Katatonia): “I wrote ‘Lights of July’ a late evening in July this year in my hometown Hälsingland. I was wandering in the woods and it felt like the light was something extraordinary. The song is about playing hide and seek in the midnight sun and there’s nowhere to hide, and how difficult it is to hide nowadays in a world where you’re almost always reachable. The entire planet is exploited and most of it has been discovered. It’s hard to find the perfect hiding place.. I’ve listened to the band Katatonia a lot through the years and has always been impressed by Jonas way of singing. He’s unique in that way and I knew that he had spent some time in Hälsingland at his young age, so I was very happy and honored when he told me that he wanted to sing with me in this song.”
Jonas Renkse (Katatonia) tells about the collaboration: “Happy to be featured on ”Lights of July”. When Martin asked me to be part and presented the song to me, I thought it had a very special vibe to it. Mellow, mysterious and fleeting. Just like the Swedish summer”. // Jonas Renkse