5x New – week 48

Taken from the full-length album “MERCY MACHINE” by Maggot Heart, out now on LP/CD/digital via RAPID EYE RECORDS.
So, the Pandora’s box is open and there is no going back! Here is the latest single “We Will Be Gone” from the third Frosttide album to be released in 2021!
“Hestia”, the fifth studio album from The Rumjacks, marks a new era for the band.
The album introduces new lead singer Mike Rivkees, whose songwriting skills have rejuvenated The Rumjacks collaborative spirit.
“Hestia” takes the energy of traditional folk music, lights it on fire, then sprinkles it with ash. Dark, gritty, and historically aware, this is music grounded in the character of the Rebel.
When writing “Hestia” (named after the Greek goddess of home and hearth), bandmembers Mike Rivkees (vocals), Johnny McKelvey (bass), Gabe Whitbourne (guitar), Adam Kenny (bouzouki/mandolin), and Pietro Della Sala (drums) apply their diverse American, Australian, Italian, and Irish perspectives to create a new, globalized iteration of the Celtic punk legacy dating back to The Pogues, with the punk, ska, and hard rock sounds pulsing through their veins.
Video for Going Surfing from the Album Starlight of Templo Diez.
Finnish dark metal band Mirzadeh went to studio in October and they will release new EP on January 1st 2021 including five new tracks. This year the band turned 20 and that also pushed them to record new material.