All You Need Is Already Within You

Last weekend it was time to escape the reality for a bit and get my ass out of here. It was right what I needed and I am thankful for that opportunity. It is indeed a time to realize that while always on the go I never really take time to relax and put my mind away from things.

Sweden is a place that’s different from what I usually see and while wandering around I found some piece of me back that sometimes tries to hide. The adventure is always in me and while I promised myself that I can not plan life too much any longer to its extends I get back to the basics of randomness. Reminds me of the book I once read on recommendation of a friend: Luke Rhinehart’s “The Dice Man”. It is all about what happens when you surrender to randomness and let you life be decided by the choices the dice will make for you. Not 100% random, for you roll a dice and there is the number representing a choice you entitled it, but still you have multiple options and no control on which it will be. Of course, those who have read the book know that the extremes in there are maybe the opposite, but it brings to the point of randomness being liberating.

Take a left turn, walk up stairs, take a left or a right, whatever looks interesting and go on and on. Eventually your senses will return you to a familiar path when you conscience feels you are getting tired of that randomness.
But it comes always back to the point that planning is like pinning your life down and closing you for experiencing new things and places. So you must find that inner balance and let yourself be open to this way of life if you have the tendacy to be a slave of your schedule.

I found it very de-stressing and so I am sitting now at home, with the laptop on my lap thinking back of the weekend realizing that I must not forget the promise to myself to let myself free every once in a while and just go wherever you may roam. Liberation. We all need it.

Of course I took some photo’s while wandering…
Twisted tree of life - Boras, Sweden

 Boras Sweden

Boras, Sweden


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