FROSTTIDE to Release New Single "We Will Be Gone", Welcomes New Official Members

The Finnish melodic folk metal band FROSTTIDE have some exciting news to share. After 4 years of being a 3-piece act supported by live musicians, the band has a full line up as they welcome TANELI JÄMSA and PAUL THUREAU and is currently recording their 3rd album which is expected to be released in 2021. The new single “We Will Be Gone” will see the light of day on November 20, 2020!

For most of the fans, Taneli is a familiar face as he has been filling the bass station as a live member. Taneli’s commitment to the band and great attitude in and off stage has been amazing. After 3 years with performing and touring with the band, it felt very natural for him to be part of the official line up.

Taneli comments:
“Cheers! I’ve been working with the band since 2017 as a live member and all this time has been awesome. It’s nice that the guys asked me to join the band as an official member now.Before joining the band I already had experience on song writing and guitars. Challenge with bass and backing vocals has been a fresh opportunity for me!I’m looking forward to work in the band and to participate on the arrangements for the upcoming Frosttide songs. Great people to work and play stunning music with🤟-Taneli”

Paul is known as the founder, main composer and frontman of the band GORGON. The band has been in contact with him since 2015 and they have become very good friends. The French metaller moved to Finland recently seeking new adventures. Paul’s great personality, amazing vocals and guitar skills is just what the band needed. Few rehearsals and beers after, it was clear that he is the man for the job!

Paul comments:
“I remember very well the day I discovered Frosttide: they were playing in Paris back in 2013, and it was an impressive show. I’ve been following their work since that day, and eventually made friends with the guys along the years. Also in 2018, I started working with Frosttide as a graphic designer, and our visions seemed to really get along – so it was a no brainer when the guys reached to me for joining as a full-time member! I’m very looking forward for you guys to hear the new amazing material and hopefully I’ll see you on the road soon!- Paul.”

Juho’s words about the single:
“The song is inspired by all existence and its meaning to an individual, viewed from a rather objective perspective. As in bigger scale and over periods of time the impact of one’s life eventually fades away. Grasping that makes you realize that everything is temporary hence all that matters is happening right now.  The stories vary, but in the end of the day we’re all alone with our memories right now and we can only imagine what comes next no matter how calculative we are. Only one thing is certain in the end. Like  mentioned before everything is temporary. Someday everything will be gone just like it didn’t exist before. We will be gone.”

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