The Future Is Dark

Busy week I had! loads of concerts and even more traffic jams. But most importantly, I had a lot of fun shooting bands. Also did an interview with Moonspell’s Fernando Ribeiro. Very enjoyable to talk with. He easily speaks and knows what to say without giving a studied answer. Not all artists are able to do that.

I thought I upload the photo at my own blog, for my followers first. I know only the most dedicated ones are keeping up with my writings so I like to see who finds out before it goes hot on the web.

A little remark for those who find it. Please do not direct link this photo. I see that happen a lot to my photo’s and I will put something disgusting under the same filename here if I find out. And that’s just a piece of cake, looking at the stats.
You are very well invited to share the link to this blog, or when it is online, the link to the interview referring to the photo.

Fernando Ribeiro - Moonspell