Hello Goodbye

The new year started, but not without an end that is filled with goodbye. Goodbye in a way I saw that coming. Not a goodbye that comes easy, for goodbyes never really do. But a goodbye is not a farewell even if it feels like that. And we never wanted it to be a goodbye, but you are not always left with the option.

Maybe it is for the best and I come to senses with it.

But perhaps it’s not the place to write on it now. A new year is here and more than ever I have set myself some strong goals. I needed the last year to do what I did. And I am proud of the choices I made. As well as I am for standing behind myself. I mean, if I don’t believe in me… then who does? I needed the last year for some personal growth and I exceeded my expectations. So full speed ahead in 2015. I have my courses picked up to learn some new things, which make me excited and I am into my one project I have planned for so long now. Im in there deeper than ever. And I am determined to get this done.
And although I am not going to put out all in public, I will tell you that I have been doing some testing on what my gear for this one will be. Interesting and fun to do and keeping my mind off other things.

Here one random shot of the testing. Used one of my Christmas presents as a model.
gift wrapping