Still Ain’t Lost My Way

End of November, end of busy times. Thus, for what is around to do. I am sure I will MAKE myself busy. As usual. I got in mind that Tempelores may need a new lay out so that we can place more ads and promo and make it more anno 2015. So knowing myself in a bit time I am on it even if I have other things to do before that. The designing and coding is sometimes just a welcome challenge for me.

However, that is not really what I had in mind to tell you in the first couple of sentences. I wanted to have that cheesy line there that the busy period ends with a BANG, but somehow I didn’t. What was on schedule was an alumni meeting of HRO. On the schedule was a presentation of Markthal, the new building in Rotterdam, a very prestigious real estate project. And then we would be able to get a tour there, seeing the lofts and penthouses in there. But of course you also go to these events to catch up with the others to see how they are doing and where they work, you know… the networking thing.

So when I arrived there I was expecting to see more people I have studied with, but I appeared to be the only one from my year. Now that surprised me a bit. I mean, I know that hardly anyone is (still) working in the real estate business but I expected more to show up and network. That brings me to the point of my annoyance that many of my age don’t really do that networking thing but perhaps that’s enough material for a whole rantblog.

The story of Markthal entertained me. It is amazing how they managed to get this done and the fact that they took such an oldfashioned concept of the indoor markethall like you see them in UK or east Europe and then make it hypermodern. When walking into it I was overwhelmed by the art on the ceiling. Really colorful and yet not too distracting. I did not have time to take a whole lot of photo’s but I wanted to show a part of it, for an idea how amazing it is.

Markthal Rotterdam

The website of markthal has some artist impression on there which may give you an idea of what to expect, but truly I recommend visiting it when you are around.

Then the rest of the weekend existed out of recordfair. This time I was working there selling some boxes, but I made a quick round to take some photo’s here and there. Unfortunately I did not really have a lot of time so I could not do as much as I usually do and I realize I probably rushed a bit too much too see all my regulars. Ah well, lick your wounds and do with what you got I would say and so a couple for you to see:

Vintage Fair utrecht
Well, I wondered about this scene. Boxing gloves, Disney figures, the brown furniture and telescope. Nothing in common, yet on the same scene.

Vintage Fair utrecht
This one I took mainly because I wanted to have someone casually sitting there on the chair, staring into oblivion. Or something. But noone suitable around and with too little time to spare I couldn’t look around and ask someone to do so.

Vintage Fair utrecht
The calf lying there took my attention. The crown somewhat above its head made the scene a bit cheeky. I wish I could have took it from a bit different angle but something was in front of it. The seller was busy with a client and I didnt have time to wait to ask if I could move it around a bit. But to be honest… I kind of like it like this. And I think my main attraction was the calf for I have in mind to use it in one of the most epic photoshops I have done. Some you might see it back some day.

Vintage Fair utrecht
This stand is always chaos but filled with interesting stuff. I took it mainly to show the chaos of it all.

Vintage Fair utrecht
The sad elephant. I saw him standing there and wondered why it ended up all beaten up and scruffy looking. Once a soft toy, now a bit sad looking.

I have some more photo’s but I have some other purpose for them in mind. You probably see them coming round someday.

So that was this weekend. A few more weeks till the end of the year and I am ready to start evaluating last years resolutions and make some new ones for next year. What I can say now is that I am going to invest well in me. In my knowledge, my happiness and future. For I always have ambitions and plans, but I really want to accelerate it a bit and I feel I am right on the way with my thoughts. More on that in later blogs though!