The Divine Door

I have been on a trip to London recently with the purpose to work at the recordfair. The day I would arrive was basically a day off, so I could spend on my own. I don’t remember how it came together but I ended up in going by bus. That is really a once in a lifetime experience I would say. If you stop every 1,5 hour you can be sure of not having any sleep and the Calais customs being the most slow working people I have ever seen in my life it took forever to get through.
Had a bunch of meetings scheduled in London so that was pretty good. I met some friends too and with a bunch of guys I have met on the boat who recognized me and I them from being active in the musicbizz I went to see an exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery.

It was not really my thing I would say, a colleague music photographer but his images didnt do it for me. It seemed to me that his success has mainly been accelerated by the fact he has big names photographed. Thinking of that… I must admit I have been so Dutch with that. In Netherlands if you stick out over others, your head gets chopped off. So celebrities that don’t have the down to earth mentality will be hated in no time. I guess that for me it is the person itself that intrigues me, famous or no famous. And so must the picture be intriguing me, not the fact that some famous person is on it.
Also really lame was that all was in black and white and then suddenly one had color. I guess you could say that a photographer can mix that up in style, as I do myself, but for an exhibition I would stick with either… or… .

Look at me… commenting on a guy doing it for 50 years while me myself has only like… 25 % of that time on the clock. Well, we all know that never feel stopped to say what I feel. And I am pretty sure if the guy would read his he would shrug and think: “her bad, what does she know”.
Or maybe that would be me. For I make photo’s for my vision. And so does he. In the fast shifting world nowadays we can’t really be bothered too much, right?

Ah yes… and some random snap I took there: