Drop Dead Cynical

Earlier this month I had a bunch of wonderful days. One of them was seeing the band Khroma play in Utrecht. It’s nice to have a band you like play so close to home instead of always having to fly off to somewhere far up north to see them. So other friends went there too, so it was a nice night of chatting and great music. ‘

Then again I realized that some bands really lost it in their communications. We aren’t loyal fans as it seems. I mean, I don’t have my body full of tattoo’s of bandlogo’s bandmember’s faces, lyrics and such.
I don’t have a wardrobe that only exists out of band merch of that band and I don’t comment on each and every message a band puts out there.
I mean, I only spend hundreds of euro’s on flights to go to your gigs when there were maybe only 5 or 6 of your friends showing up. Including your mom and dad. Remember, when you did not even had an album out. Oh and the places to stay. Those weren’t for free either.
And what about the hours I have spend on researching info requested by you, band, so you could play some more gigs. The effort I have put into it by convincing friends they really had to come and see that local band playing for a nickle and a dime, because not everyone is like me, seeing the locals. And then… even the fights I had with my (ex)partner explaining why exactly I spend much time and money on seeing you for he may not be into ‘band’ at all.

Oh yes, I did it with pleasure because I enjoyed the music and I want to support.
But PLEASE don’t tell me about loyalty and dedication when talking about people who have the opportunity have shitloads of tattoo’s and still get a decent job, not getting puked out by society. Because I can’t and I don’t want to. As I always go after my dream. And in my dreams I am big. Really big. and corporate. And sorry, that world does not involve bandmerch. The times are not here yet I can wear a shirt of ‘band’ when going to talk with some big financials about investments. No, not even when my company is creative and music minded. No, really not!

And I don’t even have to explain that either isn’t it? Why I don’t do what them others do. And I am aware I am not the only one!
It is great that you have people that are fans like that. But you may NEVER judge one who doesn’t or can’t because it never means that we are not loyal and dedicated. We show our support a little different, but be aware that if you keep going to give us a feeling we aren’t doing enough for you then I think you, ‘band’, are simply not worth our time and dedication any longer.

Then back to the beginning of the message I know there will always be others out there who do appreciate the input, no matter how. And so is that bands come and go. And my attitude to some will simply be like: Fuck You! Where others get my support. On my way. What I can do. Because they WILL appreciate.

And of course a wonderful Khroma photo. Im quite sure its a runner up for portfolio 2014, what you think?!