Hounds to Hamartia

Paris ici! In an attempt to keep up with a hasty life I can tell I have been to Paris. Was working there, doing some photo’s on a fair. Brilliant it was, a very interesting environment. The city itself is maybe a bit too chaotic for me. For one who does not like tourists, it is terrible to be surrounded by so many. And maybe it is not even the tourists who bother me, but more the scum they attract. The guys who aggressively approach you to sell a rose or some alcohol. Or the streetartists of which I never been a fan. The many thieves that are around. No way you can sit back and enjoy the view in peace, no. You must always keep your arms around your possessions. And that is what I really dislike.
Then I think back of the lovely countrysides that I remember from my childhood in France and I start to long back to those days.