How About I Be Me

A short blog because I feel like I have neglected it a bit. I know it’s not fair… but summerfestivals keep me extremely busy. And that is all ok to me to be honest. Luckily most of them are over now as at the end of the summer I usually feel annoyed by going to more. Then I am looking for peace and serenity. I have been traveling a lot. I have not spend any weekend at home since the weekend before my birthday in June. That makes two months of traveling in weekends and weekdays sometimes as well. But I am not complaining as besides the festival I have been seeing great places.
Last weekend Rotterdam, my good old home town. Yes unfortunately I am not living there anymore but I have a weak spot for the city. I was to show someone around and that is even more fun, telling the fact that not even all Rotterdammers know. but I do. Because I followed all what was going on there.

Random shot for today:


I somehow feel that I will be blogging some more soon and perhaps catch up with my thoughts. So until soon!