June and it’s business. Always a surprise. I expected this week to be relatively calm as some concert I was suppose to go shooting had been cancelled but things turn out differently. Some craziness came into sight and I look forward to all of that.
While browsing a bit during the oxygenless hours of our overdramatic summer I came across one of those personality tests. Not those blunt ones that bored FB people do, but more the kind of test you were forced to make in highschool as part of study advice and then take again at university for the same purpose. I don’t even know what made decide to fill it in, probably because one who did it before me had sth saying that only 6% of the population had his type personality and I was wondering if there was something ‘unique-ish’ to find in my personality too.
Well, some 5 to 8 minutes and many questions later there it was. I am a little more ‘unique’ as it seems. 3% of the people match my personality. (No I make no illusions, that means +/- 210 million people on this planet are like me) I saw the charts and was ready to object. I expected more extremes and such but then I started reading the explanation that came with it. Check, Check, Check. (yes, ok.. whatever you can check it also here.

Also my flaws/weaknesses came up. Nothing I have to worry about I think, points I have tackled/start tackling long time ago. Some lines were actually making me feel very much like OOPS BUSTED… EXPOSED even.

“ENTJ personalities cannot tolerate inefficiency and cannot stand those whom they perceive as lazy or incompetent.”
Yikes! Uhm yes, very, very much. I can not really come up with examples here as that would morally be not so much ‘right’ but I had some situations where that came up. However I do think my most solid readers remember how incredibly pissed and disappointed I was with my tutor at HR when I wrote my final thesis. How he never bothered to do his job, never even answered a question, never even bothered to get into the material. Incompetent. Lazy. And fair enough, I was supported by the tutor I had from the company I worked at in this, so I guess that shows also that my points were valid. I really could not stand that. And in whatever way incompetent can be explained, it also comes with that thing called attitude. And when that attitude is tending towards lazy, well that’s when the whole collapses completely. I mean, an incompetent person can not always help his incompetence. If he is willing to learn or at least admits that he is it would really be another story of course. But for some reason I can not imagine that my personality is the only one who feels this so strongly.

“ENTJs can be unbelievably confident and charismatic. These qualities draw most other types like a magnet, making it quite easy for an ENTJ to achieve what they want to achieve.”

Confident, oh yes I do believe that. I don’t easily feel insecure about something because I feel like I am aware of my own qualities. Charismatic is something I prefer others to judge. I guess in a way not, because I prefer to step in the role of observer also. but charismatic is also something to explain in several ways. If achieving what I want to achieve is easy. Well maybe sometimes and sometimes not, but I do know that I can make it seem like it was easy in some way.

Ah well there is a 60 page booklet for sale, but the whole available text was already enough for me to keep me thinking about me for a while. You should not over-analyze things either I guess so I left it for what it is. It at least kept me busy at that moment when simply moving would cost too much of the rare oxygen availability. A good thunderstorm was ahead so the enlightenment was on its way.

Only a few days before I went out to do some strobo shooting just for the sake of it. Had some fun, so here in my random shots:

Sabine van Gameren - Strobist