The Dying Kind

So the festival season has officially started. I went to Fortarock to do a lot of work there and I had a great time. Came to notice that the price of everything is quite high. Coins a 2.60 each. And the cheapest food being 1,5 coin. Fair enough there were lots of options. an international cuisine, but I never feel like trying something strange if it costs or for coins. Because festivalfood just is not too great. I thought being safe I eat some fries, you can’t go too wrong with those I assumed. Well… wrong. Simply disgusting! very dry, weird taste… supposingly biological… well ehm. I disliked it so much that I didnt even want to finish it. I heard a lot of others complaining about the fries after the festival too so I guess I dont have to question myself for being a food diva.
Going with chicken on festivals is just asking for salmonella infection so never a good option either and I am not a fan of rice/noodles with their spices herbs that comes with the majority of the options. The hamburgers costed much, much more than a full meal at mcdo’s and according to those who tried it not close to worth it. I passed the Australian Meatpie stand.. and thought its sth I would like though there was a large amount of the meatpies on the floor… halfly eaten… showing me people didnt think they were worth eating.

And it is such a shame. It really does not have to be like that. Some festivals have cheaper food so that IS possible. And if I know that every year I adore to eat the food at Amphi festival. Loads of options, always well prepared and perfectly edible I really wonder why it seems so hard at other festivals. Somehow I didnt find a pizza/pasta stand. Too bad, cause that’s another thing you hardly can’t fuck up.

But ok, besides the terrible food I did have a great day. Got to see a lot of friends everywhere. As usual only short meetings as workworkwork is up for me. If this is what the rest of the summer will be like… Pretty great! <3 Fortarock