Fist To Face

To start this blog of today it is mandatory to have a look at the photo I made that comes with it first. Because it is conceptual and the whole idea around it is just that thing that people can all feel, but most try to suppress. So here it is:

Society: trick or treat?
Society: trick or treat?

Good. Now you have seen it, you can take some time to think of what you see before you read my guiding words with it.

So now how I come to this. Well inspiration is all around us they say and society is all around us too. So not really a surprise to see that much of my inspiration comes from that. For I am an observer. The one who seeks and analyzes the observations. For it is what I have learned rather fast. Geography on my first day in highschool. How to deal with problems, investigations and basically anything: The three golden terms. Describe, interpret, valuate. Those terms, however, are nothing if you fail to see the problem. And a problem we have in our society. For we are rotten in a certain way.

Politically, we got used to the fact that people tells us one thing and is hardly ever more than an empty promise. They reach us a hand, ‘the solution we come with is bringing so many advantages…’ and when people accept that, it turns out to be poisonous. We do not really get better from that. And yet we are surprised that society is afraid of change? I am not. My personal view I have taken on it is to stand above it, but that’s another discussion.

However, since the all-knowing people of our country(the non-politics) seem to have embraced the thing they despise in politics themselves in their everyday life, the whole society seem to have gone rotten. Honesty and sincerity is gone, people simply don’t look you in the eye and speak the truth. They only speak with their own best interest upfront with finding every mask and disguise to hide it instead of living with compassion. How few people are really doing something for another without expecting a medal for it with a public announcement in the national newspaper to show the recognition of how great they have been to do something for someone else. In the end they all do it for their own ego.

We all know it and yet the majority ignores the problem. Or at least we don’t speak of it. We keep it in mind, built up the wall of protection around us, and look at every gesture with suspicious thoughts. We try to look in what is behind it and will it hurt us, but never ever address the problem. Never! Because after all… you measure my corn by your bushel isn’t it?

Well try to come clean with it. Of course not everyone can be liberated at the same time, so there might be disappointments on your way but you are strong! Your persistence is key to the change of society because a better world starts at yourself. Do you dare to free yourself from living in fear? Do you dare to take the candy and eat it without being afraid you’ll be poisoned? Are you ready to accept that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?

Join me!


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