The Great Manitou

As promised I would tell some things that were inspiring in the speech of our new king. So therefore I will point out two quotes and put them in English for you.

“Ieder voor zich lijken we weinig greep te hebben op ontwikkelingen die ons leven beïnvloeden. Onze kracht ligt dan ook niet in afzondering, maar in samenwerking. Als familie. Als vrienden. Als bewoners van een straat of buurt. Als burgers van ons Koninkrijk.”

English: Everyone of us, on our own we seem to have no grip on situations that influence our life. Our strength is not in seclusion, but in cooperation. As family. As friends. As inhabitants of our street or neighborhood. As citizens of our kingdom.

I can’t say anything else than how true this is! More than ever with the situation in my life now, the terrible disease haunting my mom, I feel comfortable in seclusion. No need to explain, no need to talk to people who you can’t really give a full answer anyway. But then again, how much of a strength it is to have our family work as a team together to get things done. No matter if one of us is out of the running for a while, we all step it up a little. Then of course… friends. I don’t really need that people ask me all the time how my mom is doing as I cant really explain but the fact that they are there and take my mind of things, back me up with Tempelores whenever they can, hang out and try to help me focused on all the good and positive things in life. Oh yes, so damn true. And I know it, that I can count on those people. Situations like this are there to show you which people care and which people turn their back to you when you are having hard times. Friendship is a strength, family is too!

Besef van de waarde van tradities èn nieuwsgierigheid naar wat de toekomst brengt. Die kenmerken hebben ons in de loop van onze geschiedenis gemaakt tot wie we zijn.

English: Realizing the value of traditions and curiosity of what the future brings. Those features have made us during our history to who we are.

Well I am all about traditions. I like them. No… I love them. I create my own traditions and it sets me with points to look forward to. Just something simple as getting an ice cream at a certain place every year on the Friday before a festival is already making me smile and cheerful. But also the fact that things that have been done this way for a long time, brings comfort. I am aware that I am not the only one who feels that way.
Oh then the curiosity,I like today, but I love tomorrow. I simply envy next week and I worship next year. Good old times can make you think back of the things that made you to what you are, but the things that will happen in the future will make you who you are next. People are flexible and people change. All the time. So yes, this has been such a point of realization that the history and future can’t be dismissed. We can not just live by the day but both the past and the future are inevitably connected with us. You may better embrace it and while doing it you can take a slight but of control of your destiny.

Ahh and last but not least, a photo of Dave Lombardo (here playing with Philm, also known from Slayer)
Dave Lombardo

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