Bill Skins Fifth – Act One

Releasedate: 2010;
By: Sabine van Gameren

In 2008 a trio started as Bill Skins Fifth, a metal formation. Anno 2010 there are four of them and they released this demo “Act One” which is their second one.
Wait.. Demo..? I hear a Thrash metal band, bringing a good instrumental base. Pretty melodic and not stuck in the old days these Finns bring four songs, well actually five if you count that hidden Nintendo track too, as if they are all set already. But yet, this is a demo. Clearly the band knows how to surprise and the question rises, why aren’t they much further yet. Well, just back from a tour that brought them to some European countries with some compatriots it might be the case that things will change for them. Vocal wise they are strong enough too so with some time they might grow out to a band with a substantial fan base.
Good to hear some potential in a band and so come these four songs (let’s just be honest, the hidden track is bullshit) stuck in mind and makes us wonder when we can expect a longer release of this band. Also it must be said that they are added to the want-to-see-live list. For sure!
Line Up:
Henrik Hömppi – Guitar, vocals
Aamos Ylönen – Lead Guitar
Sami Kuusisto – Bass
Timo Heikkilä – Drums

01. Among The Departed
02. The Arrogant One
03. Virgin Harvest
04. Constant Overdrive/Certain Overdose

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