The Territory Of Witches, Guardians Of The Dark Lake

A new episode of touring around is added to my book of stories. Silverstein was one of the main characters this time. A bunch of Canadians with some jolly sense of humor. Also present:The UK formation Funeral For A Friend, a bunch of rockers with a different sense of humor. And a thing for pushups, workouts… whatever, but let’s not get into detail about their fetishes. In general I must say they were all pretty nice lads.
On the route would be Cologne, and by now everyone has read about the curse of Cologne so I don’t have to tell you that I really did not dare to tempt faith. And it is proven that when you stick with the traditions a lot of interesting things come across. Ok, I confess that during the trip I thought of playing another album but as soon as the thought crossed my mind, signs of a road blockage came across. I said: NO! I will not do it!!! I won’t… I promise. I had to go a short detour though, going though the more urban roads. And since my head was all music I laughed my ass off when the signs of the town Grave came across, which I read in English instead of Dutch so I had to think of the band Grave. I smiled and the trip went on. Then I came across a place called Malden… which I accidentally read as Maiden. Iron Maiden… ehhhhhm right! 😀 But, eventually I came in town, found a good place to park around the corner of the venue, for free (See!!!! Dont tempt faith and you will be rewarded!) and right in front of me was a car that had Pink Floyd on the car. So I smiled!

Then I went into the city center to meet up with Carina which I originally met as Cologne girl many years ago. We had a good time talking and enjoying the wonderful weather. Such an amazing day. After that time go to the venue and see what’s going on. Met with Paul, Paul and Danny and did an interview and some shots. Hanging around a bit longer until the concerts were starting and work was ahead. I am flabbergasted by the fact that there were some NICE German photographers this time! Definitely a bit different crowd than the usual ones so I certainly had a great time and even chatted with them for a short bit. Wow, really a liberation to not feel the knifes sticking out of your back! Thumbs to everyone! The fans were a bit different also. Lots of youngsters around and after a while they had figured it out: I am married to the one Paul, engaged to the other one and the singer is also my boyfriend. And some seem to think that I am related to one of the Funeral For A Friend guys. Silly boys and girls!!! 😀 Had a great laugh listening to that as they thought I didn’t speak German at all. Kinda interesting to see them discussing that, I wasnt the only girl in the photopit, though the only one that wasn’t dressed to the stereotype. Perhaps that caused it.
Ah well, Cologne was such a pleasant happening, as usual.

Funeral For A Friend:
featured 2013-04-16


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  1. Good to hear you had a great time! O had to smile about Grave and Maiden.

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