Love Infernal

It’s an omen? Is it… who knows? I am not superstitious, I ve always said I was not but I learned my lesson very well now. I will explain! It all has to do with the curse of Cologne. Since Cologne is just a nice city not too far from Netherlands, basically easier to reach than Tilburg for example so often a great destination to see concerts and festivals. I don’t even know how long I have been visiting the city. Years!
My tripping probably started with my love for the band Sentenced. Seeing their gigs in several places and the trips to them were always epic enough and yet the band has disbanded my love for Poisonblack seem to be replacing what was left as they have been touring quite a lot since that. Every time we go to Cologne, whether it was for a Poisonblack concert or not, we play their albums. A big time favorite of course the first one “Escapextacy” as it appeals also to many of my travelmates through the years.

Then I started to realize that whatever my plans were, things would get fucked up if I am heading to Cologne without listening to Poisonblack. About a year ago I went on the road throwing a random sampler on the play that I needed to review, no Poisonblack, and before I reached the city a massive rock hit my carwindow. Yikes! Also suddenly the day got quite chilly. Also, in the past it was always that whenever I didn’t play it before I reached the NL/DE border there would be a HUGE trafficjam or fucked up rainshowers. This time I tempted the faith one more time and started with a Sentenced album. Maybe I thought I could get away with it but apparently it was not ok, by whatever musicgod was judging me. I came close to the border and the snow would start falling. Good, Im not scared of a little snow, so when the album was done I played “Everything/Nothing” by Kilt. which I also often listen during my Cologne trips. Reached the city while the album was on rotation number two and the last 4 kilometers through town was pure trafficjam. And the snow was getting quite annoying also. I actually planned to use my brand new dolly for a video but with the snow, no way I could use it.

I arrived at the venue about 45 minutes later than needed due to the trafficjam and I found out that the place I always park the car was not in use anymore due to the fact they are building something there. SHIT! Its Saturday and Cologne isn’t great to park during Saturdays… There is an Aldi terrain there where you could park but it closes at 8 and the parking lot gets shut down also. Went to Burger King (ugh!!!) to eat and have some internet to find out where I should park the car then. They have a terrain and I even though I could just leave it there, but since they said they will remove your car if you do so while not eating there I didnt dare to take the guess. After all my lovely Dutch and yellow licence plate blings a bit too much in the snow between all the white German licence plates. Good, I found a parking garage somewhat nearby which would be max 6,80 euro for a dayticket.

Went to the venue, about 5 minutes before doors should open and they let me in. Nothing going on except some soundchecks so went down to chat a bit with some merch people. Then went back up to get a drink and found out that 1,5 hour later when the first band was suppose to start they finally let in the audience. If course there was the hassle with some German photographers that need to pee against every corner of the venue to mark their area. Seriously, why can’t they just be friendly or sth. I got used to it by the time already so no surprise. Its the same people as I always see at Amphi so I knew what to expect. Some other photographers seemed nicer though so that was enlighten the spirits. Still don’t understand why they are so scared you steal their market. Let’s fight it with skills rather I would say?! BUT here it comes. When the audience came in and the DJ starts to play some music guess what was the very FIRST song he played?!

Poisonblack – Love Infernal

Now, I started to realize it. My misfortune of the day had to do with the curse of Cologne and my ignorance of finding the damn record in my stash! SHITSHITSHIT. Then I started to bring in positive thoughts. They obviously like them, so maybe they book them again when the album is out?!
After the first band was done playing and the music came back to the club guess what was the first song they played for us?!

Poisonblack – Love Infernal

AGAIN! Ok, Now I started to become paranoid. I made the promise to myself to not leave Cologne before I found the album in my stash and had it on the play in my car. The night went on well. Talked with little people. Germans don’t really do much English and I was not in the mood to speak German more than I needed. BUT I met a couple of nice people anyway. I loved seeing the band Crud play. I think any Poisonblack fan might like it by the way! very nice! And Lacrimas Profundere, which was headlining, was kind of disappointing. I can’t recall if I had seem them before but they seem to be very much alike The 69 Eyes and I did not like it at all. Ah well, good to have feature them on the magazine as they surely seem to draw a crowd.

When I left the place I noticed that for some reason the Aldi parking was NOT closed as usual and many people had parked there. (DAMNIT? grr!) Walked back to the parking garage and I got a little reminder of misfortune to make sure I was not forgetting about the curse of Cologne as someone slipped on the sidewalk and dragged me into his fall. I think the bruise on the side of my leg is about 25 cm. Great! Got back in my car eventually. Found the Poisonblack album and pushed it in. I did the sound a bit low because I still needed to pay for the garage which turned out to be 17 euro’s instead of 6,80. Expectable! Then, my navigation got a bit lost during my way out of Cologne until I decided to break with this damn curse and put the album so damn loud on in my car that people probably heard me coming from far.

“So fall and surrender, the weak pretender… Don’t resist the call of hell ”

I made it home safe!

Photo of one of the bands I saw at Winter Ends:
Winter Ends Festival


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  1. I remember the tours towards Germany. Never realized there was an actual curse on Cologne 🙂

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