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What is wrong with you, leaders of the world? Is the world’s crisis now so deep that you all abandon us? Leave us with our misery as you can no long carry the burden of a failing attempt to safe our souls, our money and our happiness? Geee… thanks! We must now leave all our hopes up to a new generation, a generation that just as me, myself and I have been trained by those who are now facing charges for fucking up. (Oh yes, some of those who educated me are!)
Of course many of us world citizens are basically nothing but a few undercover autistic human beings (or let’s say: ACT like..). We don’t like change! If something new comes under the sun we hide and shiver in a dark corner. It use to be so much better when it was still…

Then, we protest about it onto the world to whoever wants to hear but never really step and take action against it. Because that’s who we are. Back in history a person like good old J.P. Morgan would step up and safe the crowd from a crisis. But nowadays it seems like nobody really is up to do that. Or able to.
So in 2013 a lot of changes will come when it comes to this little world. A new pope, the old one gave up. I thought you were suppose to have that job for life?! I am not religious but it seems like God was quite pissed off about that too. I am sure that will keep a lot of people thinking for a while.

Of course on a more national level we get some change too. Queen Beatrix will give the throne to her son. Can we(I?!) be angry about that? Well no, fair enough! She has been there for us in better and worse. She worked till a way higher age than the average Dutch does and above all, she gave her son a chance to see his little girls grow a bit before he is full in the spotlights with the heavy task of ruling our country even though some  politicians would like to delete monarchy if they could.

Who knows what else will come upon us int he rest of the year? Maybe this is the change we need, maybe one of them has a plan and be the 2013 version of J.P. Morgan and will have a major share in rescue us from these bitter times. No matter what, I will still support our monarchy. Long live our Queen and long live our future King!

Long live Netherlands


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  1. Strong words!! Loved reading this, you have a very interesting point here. No one really steps up nowadays!

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