Tarja – What Lies Beneath

Releasedate: 03-09-2010; Label: Vertigo Records
By: Nina Mende

Tarja Turunen is a Finnish singer-songwriter, pianist and composer, full operatic lyric soprano. Her work includes two solo albums, with the third coming in 2010. She is best known as an original member and the former lead vocalist of Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish, founded by herself, Tuomas Holopainen and Erno Vuorinen in 1996.In 2006, Turunen released her first independent album, a Christmas project called “Henkäys Ikuisuudesta”. In 2007, Turunen released “My Winter Storm”, an album with various styles, including alternative rock and symphonic metal. Now she released her third album called “What Lies Beneath”.
The album starts out with a melody that sounds like a gleeman is playing the lute, this melody is also combined with some modern elements though that lead you along to a path into a world of fantasy. Catchy melodies that seem sometimes familiar yet aren’t enclose your thoughts and keep them safe. “I Feel Immortal” is a deep and somehow sad song with strong lyrics. On this album you can also find metal music with harsh guitar riffs as well as soft piano playing and other classic instruments. Tarja mixes the styles and makes it sound simply gorgeous. “Underneath” is a very touchy and personal song with a huge sound. “Dark Star” includes male support vocals and is a somewhat evil sound. The last song on the album has an amazing bass line intro. Tarja has an awesome voice and knows how to transfer emotions through it. “What Lies Beneath” is an amazing album. You should definitely check it out.

01. Anteroom of Death (Feat. van Canto)
02. Until My Last Breath
03. I Feel Immortal
04. In for a Kill
05. Underneath
06. Little Lies
07. Rivers of Lust
08. Dark Star (Feat. Phil Labonte)
09. Falling Awake (Feat. Joe Satriani)
10. The Archive of Lost Dreams
11. Crimson Deep (feat. Will Calhoun)

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