Dead Horses on a Beach

In the progress of all my plans with this site, I present you all with a small update. The host of my old weblog which I had in highschool and a few years after FINALLY made it technical possible to export my blog and import it into other blogs. OlĂ©! Since I am now independent in how I run my site, I have imported it right into this blog. So those who speak Dutch and browse back as far as 2004 might find about 344 blogs added to this site. Some of the fame period, in which I made it to the newspapers occasionally. Some blogs caused the local authorities to send the police to my door and ask about my plans as my opinion had brought them to thoughts that I would go out and ruin someone’s event. It was not like that at all. I just noted in my blog back then that when a place is suppose to be for people from all cultures and you are not suppose to lock out any it is NOT good to have some Christmas chapel there as some religions are NOT celebrating Christmas. So their idea was against their own rules, that was what I was saying. The newspapers were onto it also and half of my town seem to respond on it. Well, fame fame fame! It brought me invitations for some other event though.
Suddenly my opinion seem to mean something, people were on it. Whatever I wrote my opinion on, would be whispered about the next day. I believe some feared even that I would name them on my blog (oh yes I had no shame to mention someone who bothered me. Not always by name, but those who know the person would know) and some have been watching it all the time even though we were not friends. Lovely that you can find out such things via IP addresses.

Then, my university time came and the blog went on. I complained about the mess in the uni and the fact that it took MONTHS before we got to know our marks and suddenly my blog was not only having local fame in my own city, but it went way beyond that. Rotterdam became part of my life and so did my I became part of Rotterdam. Rotterdams Dagblad found me, the university paper and even some sort of student-city thing found my blog and wrote on me. Eventually it dies a bit because of lack of time and the foundation of made me want to stop using that blog as I wanted to keep everything in one place. Though the software I used back then could not back up the files so I could import them here, so I am still waiting for the technology to catch up and make that possible too, as well as some stuff I wrote on even older sites that don’t really exist anymore. But it feels good that I can unite these parts now. I believe that there are quite some broken links, images that aren’t around anymore so maybe I’ll go over that some when and see how much we can fix but that’s for later.

Also I managed to go through all my 2007 concertphoto’s so on my old site you won’t find any of those anymore. Later, there will be a gallery-ish portfolio-ish page where I’ll post my favorites and some never published before material. I ve been down due some cowardly flu attack (I mean seriously, Sabine van Gameren is not suppose to suffer from flu! Learn that and remember for next time!!!!) but now I am getting back on my feet and go on with the work on this site, other sites, the book, the other projects and many more.

Some recent photo I took:


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