Let Me Go

Just as the day passes by my eyes fell over a news article. It’s in Dutch, but it says: 40% of the girls will reach 100 years.
Well ok, those who are born now. Got me thinking, would I want to be a woman that gets that old?
The life expectation has grown faster than the expectation of healthy years. So basically, you have to end your life with some more unhealthy years. Isn’t that something to look forward too? (ok I should not be that sarcastic…) Maybe it all comes down to my thoughts of what people do when they retire. Where I live I see sour, miserable people that have nothing else to do than stare out of the window and as soon as something happens that is not to their likings they ‘rush’ outside and make a scene. They set up blockmeetings with their fellow retired people to discuss what those working people do and what they are going to do and say about it. So come there has been a complaint to the guy living across our place. He owns his own business and drives a yellow van. This van he always parks on his own property, on the side of the house which is invisible to the complainers. However they found it useful to complain about the van. It supposingly was ugly and what would their sunday afternoon visitors think if they saw it? UHM??! It is not even parked on a public parkinglot, so yeah… what’s going on?! it’s not visible from where they live so what the heck?!

I always hope I will never ever become a person like them. NEVER! Some people will enjoy their retirement. Live in peace and enjoy their family, that sounds more like it! But then again, would you want to get that old when health is not up to the spirit anymore? Being immobilized waiting for god to take you? Maybe that is something I would not want either. I want to live until I don’t feel like it anymore I guess. Maybe it is not up to me to judge at all. I guess my thoughts on it came from how I saw my dad his aunt in her last years. I often wondered how happy she was, still alive but not able to get out of bed any longer, seeing the time ticking and waiting for another day to pass by. I know that she had much of joy of her family and that makes it all happier. Yet I am wondering… 40% of us girls will reach 100. Are we sure that is what we want?

Tante Nel


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  1. Wow, you really look like that woman! Your nose, those cheeks a great smile. The guy that gets old with you will be very lucky if you remain looking like her!

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