Tenebrae In Perpetuum / Krohm

Releasedate: 01-06-2010; Label: Debemur Morti Productions
By: Sabine van Gameren

Two artists making Black Metal decided to join forces and releases a split.

Tenebrae in Perpetuum, a band formed in 2001, comes in with cold, raspy vocals. The band has quite some tempo changes in their music that makes the music interesting to listen to. Atmospherically they go bleak, dark and all what’s doomed. The band makes references to the typical older material in Black Metal, a classic touch to their sound.
Krohm is formed in 1995, has also the desire to bring that 90’s style back in their music. Dark sounds found in between the music, long lasting riffs taking you on their trip. Yet, comparing the two bands, Krohm comes calmer, more balanced. The instruments all get a chance to shine and the band plays it onto your imagination. Also they tend to be more constructive in their music, building onto something, to get further and further, while Tenebrae in Perpetuum made three stories with a clear beginning and end.
This split is interesting for fans of Black Metal who also enjoy doom. The slower parts in this music will do fine for these listeners. Good to see these two bands in a split. Not the most expectable two to be on a split, but it turned out nice.

01. Tenebrae In Perpetuum – I
02. Tenebrae In Perpetuum – II
03. Tenebrae In Perpetuum – III
04. Krohm – The Black Bridge
05. Krohm – Toccato Dalla Desecrazione
06. Krohm – Sentinel Monolith

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