Ratt – Infestation

Releasedate: 16-04-2010; Label: Roadrunner Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

The 80’s rock band Ratt is back. Their seventh studio album “Infestation” is now released under Roadrunner Records.

For those who can’t get away from the 80’s records and feel sad when seeing nowadays rockmusic, stay tuned. Here is Ratt. Ratt got the that old sound and made something new that sounds exactly as what you want to hear. The feeling of the past. Sexy, raw, rock and roll vocals that radiate a rock n roll lifestyle, well produced in a way that there is still something left from the raw feeling and not being polished too smooth. Makes many happy listeners. That Ratt would release a new record was not the first thing expected, their latest album dates back to 1999 but it sounds like they have never been away. Not too much changed in sound and the fans will be satisfied with that. Delicious guitar riffs driving the music and do good to the music. The thing that I liked less on this album is probably the artwork, which doesn’t immediately bring a link to what you can expect of this band, but considering this a detail, it’s all about the music, I can only say: Ratt, not bad!
Line Up:
Stephen Pearcy – vocals
Warren DeMartini – guitar
Carlos Cavazo – guitar
Robbie Crane – bass
Bobby Blotzer – drums

01. Eat Me Up Alive
02. Best Of Me
03. A Little Too Much
04. Look Out Below
05. Last Call
06. Lost Weekend
07. As Good As It Gets
08. Garden Of Eden
09. Take A Big Bite
10. Take Me Home
11. Don’t Let Go

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