Darkness At Time’s Edge

So the club season is opened! I am so exciting knowing what all is coming up for me! A truly full calendar as it seems. I have three full weeks in Finland scheduled which I really look forward to and of course, many bands will be shot there. Trashfest is part of that, so Im curious how this years madness will be. Last week will probably be my last outdoor festival of the year (never say never though 😉 )
Back to the opening of the season, It was Martyr’s anniversary party. I really enjoyed it! Actually quite funny, because I knew Izegrim would be there and then I checked what other bands would be there as well and found Maldita. Heyyyyyyy weren’t they clubbing with Black Light Discipline the week before? So I caught up some of them to check if they were any cool, which got confirmed. More to look forward to I guess. Then at the event, people did not really seem to like them, staying far behind. I guess they somehow did not fit in with their Industrial sound. Ahh welL, more space for me. 😉


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