I Live Your Dream

The sun is out, a long cruise towards the city of Cologne was up for me and as soon as I crossed the border the road ahead was empty. Some extra speed to make it more exciting, after all in Germany you are allowed to. A short food break and the travel went on. I arrived right on time, so when I dumped my gear I made the trip to the city to get my ice cream. Its tradition! After that I took the walk to the river and walked back near the river before the whole party started. Some idiot Spanish guy jumped in front of my lens once and I scared the hell out of him by telling I charge 300 euro’s for that. It took him a while to figure out I was just bullshitting him. I mean just because someone takes a picture, doesn’t mean he/she wants you to be on it. Ah well, it was an entertaining conversation which ended in him thinking im really famous.

Amphi was amazing. It was great to hang around with Nina Mende again. We re not meeting too often unfortunately. Corvus Corax was fun to shoot, as always. Musically I enjoyed [x]=RX most and also [:sitd:] and Nachtmahr were entertaining.
We laughed about the Backstreet Boys and we could not help noticing that there were a lot of pregnant people out there!
Day 2 was musically the most interesting. Solar Fake (boring to shoot, great to listen to), Blutengel, Schöngeist, Coppelius, Conjure One and of course Project Pitchfork. That last one is always a pleasure and really made my day!
Too fast it all went by, we have to wait another year… damnit.

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  1. That is good picture of Project Pitchfork! Do you have more from the Amphi show??

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