Skafield – Memories in Melodies

Releasedate: 16-04-2010; Label: Long Beach Records Europe
By: Nina Mende

Skafield is a German ska band. Founded more than twelve years ago these eight guys released their fourth album now called “Memories in Melodies”.

The music they play is ska punk. With saxophone, trumpets and trombone they rock through all 13 songs. The melodies get stuck in your head very easily. Even though the songs are really fast and punky they are still very suitable for being sung along at festivals. The album is mostly in English, only “Kinnwasser” is in German. Each and every one of the thirteen tracks has its own special sound to get you going along. I am sure when listening to it you can’t sit still for even a second. The voice is a little smoky. Many songs are great to shout along, especially during live performances these ones will be a lot of fun. The album has a landscape layout. You can see a farm house and a tree. The booklet includes the lyrics as well as a band picture. Skafield is a great band with awesome music. You should definitely check them out if you like to mosh to fast ska punk music. I am sure live they are just as awesome if not even better.

1) Memories in melodies
2) Get up your lame ass
3) Desperate condition
4) From the cradle to the grave
5) Long way to paradise
6) Humility and trust
7) Kinnwasser
8 ) Nothing better
9) No hero so far
10) T.G.I.F.
11) Unity through music
12) A friend in need is a friend indeed
13 )Tomorrow is already here

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