Closer To The Sun

Amphi festival is coming up and the weather is shit. Ok some improvements are promised for the weekend, but I dont trust it at all… What would Amphi be without just one moment that you need a rainponcho? It will be the 5th year Im shooting there, always fun! So Im looking forward to that for tomorrow.

Did a quick shooting with Black Light Discipline at Waïski. When I got asked for that I was a bit like FML cause I didnt really have the right gear with me to do that. I should seriously give up on even attempt to travel a bit lighter and just always take everything. Ah well.. then it got postponed a bit later and I already knew what the deal would be. Ahh well, just could not hold it back from you all so I figured I should just post some here.

Fun to do anyway 😀

2 thoughts on “Closer To The Sun

  1. Hey Sabine! It was a pleasure meeting you at Tuska. You are really passionate about the things you do and I must say I really like your work.
    When I look at these pictures I must say that nr 5. must be a gift to shoot?! 🙂 I like your style and really hope we can spend some days together somewhen because I think you can really learn me a thing or two about this.

    Much love,
    Mary Ann

  2. hi Mary Ann! Yes nice meeting you!
    I may not complain, all of them are great to work with.
    I’d love to do some phototrip with you somewhen, let’s stay in touch!

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