15-01-2010 Big Boy

Supports: Never Ending Story; Venue: Café Central, Weinheim (Germany)
By: Nina Mende

Tonight we went to Weinheim. Two bands were playing there today: The Never Ending Story and Big Boy.

Not many people were in the club though, maybe it was because there was a soccer match on TV. The first band began playing at around 10 pm. In this era of Ghostwriting, Softrock and Punkrock, five musicians keep their own style of music alive: Never Ending Story write all their own songs. The stage is their territory and Never Ending Story shared it already with bands like “Lacrimas Profundere”, “Big Boy”, “End Of Green”, “Emil Bulls”. They rocked Café Central and tried to warm up the small crowd. The Never Ending Story did a good job in doing that.

Next band was Big Boy. Big Boy likes to extend his (slightly odd) views on Faith, Love, Hope; on dreams and his grand future. What he does not like is talking about his puzzling past, which has never been discussed in the open public before. This is the once in a lifetime chance to creep a little look into the secrets of this living phenomena. After reallocating to Los Angeles, the originally German band now released their second album “Ponygirl” and now they are back in Germany touring. The audience hadn’t grown bigger, but some people went closer to the stage. A few even began dancing along a lot. Big Boy performed a nice show, they played old and new songs. Derek and Thor – the new guys in the bad – also performed very well. The singer talked a little to the audience in between the songs. The show didn’t seem to be too long, only the average hour. The light was dark, as usual at Café Central. It was good to see Big Boy again, but besides the two new ones in the band, it hadn’t changed too much.

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